A big secret to a healthy life is travel. Like we needed another excuse to go on a holiday!

If you do here are 8 reasons why travel is important for your wellbeing.

Active adventures and exploring new places can keep your body healthy. Here’s why:

Why travel is important for your wellbeing.
My Hubby and Baby Boy on Vacation.

One thing I love about being Australian is we understand the benefits of R&R. We get four weeks of vacation a year. I was surprised when I came to the United States and the standard barely three! That generally includes your sick days too! You poor guys are doing it rough!!

We understand down under, that taking a weeks vacation can keep you healthy, fit and refreshed which is better for our employers as they have happier, healthier and highly motivated employees.

Travel can help your physical fitness and mental wellbeing. Let’s take a look at how:

Reasons for travel #1

Travel is a Stress Buster

reasons for travel
How could you feel stressed laying here?

Today we lead pretty fast passed lives so it is no wonder that, stress and life go hand in hand.

Recently we traveled to South Florida and spent a weekender in West Palm Beach. With the fresh air and warm sunshine, it was pretty hard to feel stressed. Well except for your toddler entering the terrible twos lol!

The increase the oxygen in your blood, from the fresh air and sunshine can give you more energy, and ward off stress, depression, and anxiety.

Traveling to new places can help you find new meaning and perspective. While traveling, you see new things, you meet new people, you take up activities which are new, you get a break from your routine. So, travel your way out for an easy -breezy stress-free life.

I personally find when I am traveling I dial down my level of internet and phone activity because I become more present in the moment. More absorbed in what I am doing and really focus on quality time with the people I am sharing my time and experience with.

In order to keep your vacation stress free make sure that you are well organised, it’s not breaking the budget and allow yourself to simply go with the flow.

Reasons for travel #2

Increased Healthy Physical Activity

Reasons for travel
Definitely not my best form but we all have to start somewhere!

If you are anything like me you don’t like hitting the gym to be fit. I personally love activites and if they happen to involve fitness than that is a bonus. It is also a secret to success for a healthy lifestyle.

Going to new places can encourage you to take up new activities. For instance, cycling, hiking, trekking, running, swimming, all these activities directly benefit your health.

I went to Bali for a week of surfing, stand up paddle, hiking, sunbathing and yoga! I feel completely restored and relaxed while rejuvenated at the same time.

We all don’t have to be sun lovers, a snow trip can be your thing!

Reasons for travel #3

Spiritual Growth

reasons for travel

Connecting with heavenly father is directly related to your mental and physical health. Meeting new people at various places rekindles your spirit in unfathomable ways.

While I am a dedicated Latter Day Saint I loved trekking through Bali and seeing the beautiful offerings the locals made every morning before they start their day. It makes me think of other ways that I can continue to bring God into my life.

Travelling gives you new ideas and philosophies from various cultures and traditions.

Reasons for travel #4

Variety And Engagement

Reasons for travel #4
Blue Springs State Park Florida

Often monotonous work hours and lifestyle result in stunted mental growth. There’s nothing new to look forward to. The same work hours, the same people, the same work, it bores you to death. You stop finding meaning in your work, which inevitably affects your capacity to think and ideate.

You need to give yourself a break several times a year. Here are a few ideas:

Take a day trip in your local area

While we all cant afford luxurious vacations all the time, sometimes it just takes a change of scenery. We decided to drive up to Blue Springs for a day trip.

We felt like we were on holiday and the place was beautiful. A little day trip enabled us to swim with sea cows as a family! There are so many new places to discover in your local area it’s time to start discovering.

Reasons for travel #4

Plan a solo trip

Plan a solo trip, choose a destination which offers you a lot of things on the platter. A solo trip not only gives you quality time to think but also helps you take major decisions in your life.

Change is the only thing which is constant in life. You never know you might take a decision post your trip which has the potential to change your life in ways unfathomed.

Plan a girls or mums weekend away

Being a mumma we never really get time off. You have to learn to adapt to take some down time when your kids are. But lets face it, during the naps we are usually on damage control.

Taking a mums weekend away let’s you reconnect with who you are again without the demands of your family! I took a trip to Tampa with two of the best girlfriends once could ask for! We stayed in a flashy hotel, went out for nice dinners, did our makeup together and took time out on the beach.

I need to plan these more often!

reasons for travel
Even took the little lady Harper with me! 7 month Bump.

Reasons for travel #5

Strengthening Your Immune System

Reasons for travel
We picked up lots of germs from our London Trip.

Travel exposes you to new environments which can help your body create stronger antibodies. These antibodies, in turn, make your body strong. To put it simply, your body’s adaptability increases.

Antibodies are little proteins which fight pathogens in your body. So the more you travel to new places, there is an increase in the number of antibodies and your immune system gets stronger inevitably.

Reasons for travel

Reasons for travel #5

Lowering Risk Of Heart Disease

Studies prove that people who travel a lot have a healthy heart. Travel decreases stress and keeps you happy. It also does a mental cleansing. All of this affects your heart positively.

The risk of having a heart attack can decrease if you are stress-free. For other ways to decrease stress levels check out my free online meditations or yin yoga classes.

Reasons for travel #6


Reasons for travel

Research has shown that the ones who travel a lot, live longer. No stress, no pain equal to a longer life. It also boosts your brain health. So if you want to live long, travel.

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know how travel can help you rejuvenate yourself in many ways, don’t you think it’s time to take a trip? I know I’m feeling it now!

Take a break from your work, book your tickets or just jump in the car and drive!

Reasons for travel

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