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As we begin to understand the importance of family values and their impact on family relationships. Being on the same page with your family values is a must. A great way to achieve this is through a family mission statement.


Here are just a few good reasons to create a family mission statement:

  1. The family knows what their values are.
  2. By making a mission statement together all the family members know why they were chosen.
  3. It gives parents the opportunity to talk about values with their children.

How to create a family mission statement.

1. Set aside a night for a family meeting!

You should try and schedule at least one family night per week. This helps members of the family feel heard, loved and appreciated. This weeks theme is easy! Creating a family mission statement.

2. All members need a say.

Encourage each member to talk about what is important to them and what they value. You cant have a family mission statement without including what is important to each family member.

You should also encourage conversation about all the things you love about your family. You will find that there are already some great core values that have developed there. For instance one of the values I love the most about my immediate family is that we always forgive.

This was not always the story for me growing up. In fact, it was the opposite. If you ever did anything wrong you were outcast and not spoken to for years. This treatment was not held for big mistakes. I could be for anything. In fact, I grew up in an extremely unstable volatile environment. I remember my mother not speaking to me for years because she didn’t like where I took her for her birthday lunch.

In my little family unit with my husband and son we always forgive.

One of my personal values that I find important is learning what behavior is bad.

Secondly, guilt was something that was used a lot and if you did something bad you were a horrible human being. The fact of the matter is we are all human and therefore we are all going to make mistakes.

It is a part of life. I always teach my son that the behavior he is doing is not acceptable, but he is not a bad person. I want to help my children grow and thrive. Not erode their self esteem before it even has a chance to blossom.

3. Here are a few questions you can ask your family to set your family mission statement:

  • What is the purpose of our family?
  • What kind of family do we want to be?
  • What kinds of things do we want to do?
  • What kind of feeling do we want to have in our home?
  • What kind of home would you like to invite your friends to?
  • What embarrasses you about our family?
  • What makes you want to come home?
  • What do we want to be remembered by?
  • What kind of relationships do we want to have with one another?
  • How do we want to treat one another and speak to one another?
  • What things are truly important to us as a family?
  • What are the unique talents, gifts, and abilities of family members?
  • What are our responsibilities as family members?
  • What are the principles and guidelines we want our family to follow?
  • Who are our heroes? What it is about them that we like and would like to emulate?
  • What families inspire us and why do we admire them?
  • How can we contribute to society as a family and become more service-oriented?

4. Decide as a family on your core values.

Once you have decided on your family values make a list of them! Some families even like to make a motto.

Here are a few ideas on some values I love in our family to get you started:

  • Adventurous! We like to get out and about and try new things! Life is here to be lived. Circus, surfing & travel! Let’s create many adventures together.
  • Acceptance. No matter what choices in life we choose, we will love and accept one and other. We don’t have to agree with the behavior but it does not change our love for our family members or their place.
  • Education. Is important to our family as it will afford you greater opportunities in life.
  • Forgiveness. We always forgive one and other. This helps us grow as the forgiver by practicing letting go of negative feelings and mending relationships. The person seeking forgiveness learns the importance of integrity, honesty and making the turn to choose the right and make amends.
  • Health. We value our bodies and aim to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes the foods we put in it and moderating our daily activities. So that we can have a good, physical, mental and emotional health. We like to get out and about once a day, moderately limit the amount of media usage and talk about our feelings.
  • God. God is the head of our household and we follow him.

5. Write Your Family Mission Statement.

Now that you have gathered together all your thoughts you have plenty to work with to make your mission statement. Keep it short so that you and your children are able to remember it or at least parts of it. Making it long will not allow for anyone to memorize and will then become useless.

I love this cute family mission statement made by a million ways to mother.

The importance of family values.

Here is another great example of a family mission statement created by the Bokius family.

The importance of family values.

6. Hang Your Family Mission Statement in a Prominent Place in the House.

Once your family is happy with the mission statement, consider printing it and hanging it up in a prominent place in the house. Now you have a constant visual reminder of what your family is all about and what you’re striving for together.

What did you put in your family mission statement? Once I finish framing ours I will post it up here!

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