Are you the type of person that does not like exercising? I’m going to get real with you and say that I am one of those people. But what if you could get strong, loose weight and make new friends while playing around?  Welcome to the world of aerial fitness and its ‘WOW’ factor.

Fun-focused, carefree and casual-style stretching and strength training activities. If you believe: “I love to lose weight while playing around” – aerial fitness is for you, because

“Aerial is all about play, not fitness.”

Here we are going to unfold, the fun art of aerial yoga and slings and why should you choose aerial fitness to get fit and have a blast doing it. 

In aerial yoga and hammock, you simply use aerial fabric which is poly tricot as the source of your work out. It’s time to ditch the dumbbells, stepper, and all those horrid exercise apparatuses. 

No need to worry about you body size or weight the silks are rigged to take at least 2 thousand pounds. 

Your aerial instructor will walk you through each aerial move, in its every detail, until you feel confident enough to do it on your own. The instructor will spot you, and watch you perform the moves to ensure your safety. Secondly let’s face it the floor isn’t that far away from you, so seize the moment and go hard or go home. 

How aerial moves are performed

You perform all aerial exercises using the hammock.  Each aerial fitness move has many aspects to it such as strength, balance and counterbalancing just to name a few. 

The fabric is connected to the ceilings, through carabiners and a span set. The quality of these tools needs to be at a high level so that they are safe and secure. You can always look at your carabiner and see if it is warped or if it has cracks. If so let your instructor know as it is not safe to use. 

For your first aerial class, you would be assigned an instructor. You won’t be able to perform any type of aerial fitness move without supervision, as you can fall and get stuck in the fabric. Don’t underestimate yoga as soon as you take it in the air everything changes.

How aerial fitness works

All aerial yoga moves work on the principle of the mind-body connection as well as a combination of fun-focused activities. In all aerial yoga exercises, you will feel a good stretch through your body. In fact, it will be further exacerbated due to the fact that you are using gravity to allow the body to align inverted in the air. This decompression you can only find in aerial or an inversion table. 

Aerial is more about gaining fitness while playing around and becoming carefree. It challenges your balance, and targets your core. Its core moves are yoga and pilates-based. In posture, all aerial yoga moves are therapeutic to your body mind and spirit. 

Stretching in the air allows you to achieve a greater level of  flexibility. Secondly you can use the fabric to train advanced flexibility moves as it can be a support system much like yoga straps and bands. 

Inversions release tension in your body and allows you to relax while being fully supported.

The whole experience is a calm, peaceful and fun-driven flow. While you grow in confidence and balance, you love all your moves and get excited to start moving towards more advanced asanas. With aerial you do not need to set fitness goal, all you need to do is show up have fun, and at the same time, benefit in form of your fitness.

Benefits of Aerial fitness

Aerial fitness is a latest fitness trend and It is very popular among women. Why it shouldn’t be when it gives you more than any other fitness method does?  It is  fun to do and therapeutic too. 

Here are few benefits you can expect to gain with participating in aerial fitness. 

Learn new moves.

A big plus of aerial fitness is that you love practicing aerial moves. As it says: “aerial is all about play, not fitness”, it is a fun doing it. A thought of exercise might put you off, but you become addicted and highly motivated to participate in a fun-driven fitness regime.

Challenge your core.

Your core comprises of your abdomen, back muscles, and muscle groups around the pelvis. Your body uses these muscle groups to obtain balance and the level of strength when performing asanas that require balance. Aerial yoga will give you power and endurance in your core muscles as you are constantly balancing your body in the air.

Develops your upper body muscles.

It tones them up and increases their strength fast. This is because you are using your upper body to lift your entire body weight when you are moving from pose to pose. Yoga strengthens while it lengthens, this means that you will have strong lean muscles instead of bulky biceps.

Increases stability in your lower body.

It is achieved through balance and posture workouts. It conditions your lower body muscles, restores their strength and increases their mobility.

Aerial fitness can help you with self-love and care.

Taking time to meditate and look inwards is not something we give ourselves every day. Introspection is very important as we need to listen to our body and mind so that we are making the right choices as well as becoming more aware of what is out of alignment with your lifestyle.  

If you are looking to start aerial fitness what you wear is very important due to fabric burn and inversions just to name a few. Read my guide on What to wear and expect for your first aerial class to get you prepped and ready to dive into aerial yoga.

Let us know how your first aerial fitness class goes in the comments below!

Stay strong and limber,

Jadore Vanessa

Vanessa Barthelmes.

Co Author Bio:

Millie is an instructor/guide at a local aerial fitness studio. She regularly blogs on aerial and Yoga fitness choices, health and lifestyle. Millie is currently associated with Xn8 Sports, which specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories.

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