Customer Testimonials

I can't believe the things she can do with her body. She is absolutely incredible.

S & J Goodstone

Her knowledge on the body, how it functions, injury prevention and working with current injuries is well above par! She’ll get you your splits, your back bend, your walk over etc. And she’ll happily be your cheer coach! All you have to do is sign up! If you want to be flexible, contact her, find time in your schedule and do the classes! My hips opened up so much even in the first class! She’s located in America, I’m in Australia, I’m doing 5:30am classes because that’s the only time I can do but if you want flexibility just do it!

Sally Shaw

Aerial Instructor & Performer

Great class! Smart and informed body work. Aware, careful and intelligent. Brava!

P Paulich

Yoga Instructor & Studio Owner

Vanessa is an amazing contortion teacher! Her classes are wonderful and she is able to quickly adapt or modify exercises to fit each participant. I have gained so much flexibility and mobility since I began classes in December. I have seen so much improvement in such a short time. Thank you Vanessa!


Exercise Instructor

My daughter (age 9) has been flexibility training with Vanessa for a month or so now and we both just love Vanessa and the flexibility results we’re seeing. Vanessa knows the art and science behind stretching, she’s an expert in safe stretching and conditioning, and we feel fortunate to have her as a flexibility coach. We highly recommend Vanessa for flexibility training!


Dance Mom

I have been taking classes with Vanessa for a few months now and I can see a huge improvement in my flexibility.

She is extremely knowledgeable, creative, supportive and encouraging. She is passionate about what she does and gives everyone her undivided attention.

She creates class plans based on every individuals needs and goals. If you are debating taking a class or buying a pack, just do it! I promise you will not regret it, and you will be back for more.

M Nockari

Yoga Instructor & Aerial Performer

I would take as many classes as I could with Vanessa. I just love them! We are all the way in Australia and we make sure we never miss our Saturday morning class.


Great online services! She is very accommodating to everyone’s levels. I am pleased with my results so far!

Karina 5 Week Progress

Exercise Instructor