A few things every new mom needs for herself

Essential Postpartum Preparation: A few things every new mom needs for herself

We all hear about what to pack in our hospital bags for the big event. But what happens when you get home? The drugs have worn off, there are no nurses or doctors to help on hand and you are left to your own devices. There are so many essential things a new mom needs for herself, to help with self care postpartum.

The birth of my first child Harrison was in a new country where I had no family and sadly no friends. I was so grateful to have met Chanda online via Facebook. We had both moved to Jacksonville and were finding it hard to meet new people in the area.

Chanda has a gorgeous four month old Lucy and I was in the hospital struggling with preterm labor. When Harrison finally arrived after 10 weeks of hospitalization Chanda brought me a big bunch of goodies I had no idea I needed! She was my Angel!! There were quite a few items that I had no idea a new mom needs for herself.

I would recommend to all mums or mummas to be to ensure that they have these items before they head off to labor and delivery. I am at 35 weeks and I am making my preparations now. But I am a little keen to get my “Giant Baby” (What my OBGYN calls Harper) out.

Cooling Perineal Cold Packs

things a new mom needs for herself

Perineal cold packs with help with soothing inflammation, swelling, pain and discomfort.

These are the cold packs I used in my first pregnancy and I will use them again. I loved that they instantly activate, you don’t need to put them in the freezer and the padding is absorbent.

They will give you perineal pads in the hospital for your duration of stay, but when you go home you are on your own!

I ordered these ones here.

Nursing Pads

Whether you are breastfeeding or not you will need nursing pads. Why because you will leak everywhere. I remember putting wash clothes in my bra because I was not prepared. They were not the most comfertable, considering the amount of swelling I had coupled with mastitis.

You can get a large pack of 50 disposable pads for under $10, or you can opt for some reuasble ones. I love the soft bamboo nursing pads in skin colour. There are lot’s of pretty colors and shapes out there that you can put in your nursing bra, but I already have enough of a party going on there. With skin colored inserts I can pop them in my comfy lycra stretch bras and not have to worry about what color shirt I am going to wear. We have enough wardrobe malfunctions that can happen, trying to hide fluro pink flower nursing pads does not need to be another!

Wondering which to decide on? I acutally had a combination of both. Why? Because you are going to be tired. You are not going to want to do washing every day. So use the disposables when your in need of washing and the luxury bamboo pads when you are on top of everything!

Dark sheets

things a new mom needs for herself

I have to say I LOVE my white sheets. There is something about waking up in all white that just makes me feel fresh and clean.

Unfortunately this is not the best choice of bedding when you are recovering from child birth.

You are looking at bleeding for at least six weeks, you will have leaky boobs and if you get a second to yourself you may end up eating chocolate in your bed. LOL. You are in survival mode.

Plus if you take your new bundle of joy into bed with you, you can expect vomit, poop and so much more.

I bought these in grey with my last pregnancy from Amazon. This time around I am going to get the navy.

Squirt Postpartum Peri Bottle

The hospital gave me one of these babies to take home so I did not have to purchase one. I would be pretty surprised if you had to purchase your own as you use them in the hospital. Just incase you didn’t get one, here is a link so you can get this delivered to your home.

Laxatives or Stool Softeners

Because you don’t want any pressure going on down there!

Hemorrhoid Cream

Not everyone will get hemorrhoids after birth. I was lucky I walked out of labor and delivery like nothing had happened. Just incase you do it’s worth grabbing some $10 cream to keep in your medicine cabinet.

Quick Oats

For mummas who are wanting to breast feed. Oatmeal really helps with lactation. With a new baby feeding every two hours you want to get those meals zapped in the microwave fast.

So you should be prepared now with the knowledge of a few things a new mom needs for herself. I hope this list can help you avoid leaving the house for the first week of your new baby being born. Being a first time moms can be a little overwhelming because you don’t know what you need. Always remember to ask friends and family for help if you need it. The sleepless nights get to us all! We know what you are going through.

Did I miss anything you could not have lived without postpartum?

I know the next baby shower I am going to I will definately be buying that mumma the perineal cold pads! She can thank me later.

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