Contortion Class Schedule


5-6.15pm MST

online classroom

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Class Pre-Requisites

  • Solid Bridge Hold
  • Close To Your Splits

Don't Meet The Pre Reqs? No Problem

Join our alignment class where we still work just as hard on all of the positions.

Alternatively we can always work privately together.

Up Next Preparing For Class

what are contortion classes?

Contortion is end range strength & flexibility training for all levels with mild to low acrobatic training for transitional moves. They are the ultimate mobility (latest buzz word) class .

In order to increase your mobility you need to work on several facets such as joints, tendons, connective tissue, nerves and build a solid structure to support the increased range of motion.

Class Structure

  • Injury Prevention Exercises
  • Nerve Flexibility
  • Muscle Pliability
  • Breaking Through Fascia
  • Lengthening Connective Tissue
  • Correcting Kinetic Chains:
  • Strength training.
  • USA GYM: Gymnastics training methods.

What If I'm Not Naturally Flexible?

First things first I just want to say... NO ONE is BORN THAT WAY.

In fact people with hypermobiilty spectrum disorders need to work twice as hard to prevent chronic injuries. We don't fall into poses your muscles pull yourself into those deep positions.