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Contortion classes are an advanced end range strength and flexibility class. Classes run for 75minutes and are offered virtually on our private server. So no downloads simply click to attend.

Group sizes are kept small for safety and individualized coaching.

** Class Pre-Requisites: Student's must be able to hold a bridge easily and be close to or in their splits.


Alignment classes are offered virtually and are open to all levels. Classes run for 75 minutes. Composed of a blend of Barre, Ballet, Weight Transference, Technique & Torso Stabilization.

Students must have long resistance bands, a small child's ball (pilates ball) and a medicine ball. If you are wanting to come along and do not have all the equipment feel free to shoot me a message prior to class to see if we can find substitutes.

This is a low intensity class that works on your ability to balance your extensions, smoothly kick up into extensions, work on your turn out, align the spine and torso mastery for back bending.