Looking for some fun and fresh acro yoga poses? Check out this fun flow we put together after a day in the office.

Acro yoga poses in sequence:

  1. Entry whale pose.
  2. Transition to single leg whale pose.
  3. Pop to throne.
  4. Pop to bird. Pop to throne.
  5. Pop to bird. I love flying pops they are so fun.
  6. Transition to straddle bat.
  7. Cannon ball, straddle bat.
  8. Cartwheel exit!

Whale Pose:

  1. The flyer stands at the head of the base, facing away from the base. The flyer stays strong in the front line of their body engaging their muscles controlling the descent into the backbend.
  2. The base’s feet support the flyer’s weight as they arch and lean back into this balancing pose.
  3. The base then grips the flyer’s ankles and helps lift the flyer off the ground. This pose helps the base build serious strength by activating the glutes.

Throne Pose:

Throne Pose is a fun pose to test a little more balance while in the pose and during the transition. To keep everyone safe and stable, be sure to keep the flyer’s hips stacked on top of the base’s hips and knees of the flyer stacked over the shoulders of the base.

  • The base gently grips the flyer’s ankles for stabilization.
  • The flyer flexes the feet giving a strong platform for the base to work with.
  • The base gives and gentle pop and brings the feet in to meet the flyers seat.
  • The flyer bends the knees to sit on the base’s feet.

Front Bird

If starting from the ground:

  1. The base will lift the flyer by putting their feet at the flyer’s hips and clasping the flyer’s hands as they are lifted.
  2. The flyer should keep their legs straight as well as arms and elbows. This is to avoid sinking the front of the body into the flyer.
  3. The flyer needs to engage their back and shoulders in order to keep the chest lifted high and to maintain balance.

To pop into this pose:

  • The flyer takes a wide straddle and brings the hands down to meet the bases hands.
  • Arms stay engaged and resistant to the base to stop the flyer from falling forwards.
  • Base pops the flyer.
  • Flyer brings the legs around from a straddle to a plank position.
  • Release the hands engage the back and shoulders.

Straddle Bat:

  • Flyer folds forward maintaining resistance in one hand with the flyer.
  • Flyer twist the torso towards the hand that is maintaining resistance.
  • Flyer supports the shoulder of the resisting hand.
  • Then meets the second shoulder as the flyer continues to rotate.
  • Flyer maintains a shelf in their straddle so that the base can begin to rotate the flyer by bringing both feet to one leg and then two.
  • Flyer must remain strong in the pose.

Cannon Ball:

  • Flyer grabs the ankles and brings the legs together.
  • Base gives support through the shoulders.
  • Flyer must remain strong in the head neck and shoulders to create resistance and shape for the base.
  • Once strong in the pose the base will remove the feet and balance the flyer on the hands.
  • Ensure that the bases hand are directly over the shoulders allowing the weight to move through into the floor beneath you.

Acro yoga poses for advanced beginners

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