Aerial has always been a passion of mine, after training for a few years I noticed the big difference in the drama of the moves was not just the skill level of the artist a major factor was the level of flexibility.

I have been naturally flexible my whole life but not circus flexible. They are two very different things. With that being said I did have to work hard to get my splits and over splits just like everyone else.

As a yoga a flexibility teacher I never really had my own practice. Leading flexibility classes was my stretching time too.

After writing my first book UnLock it and finishing a six week trial of the program with ten participants I began stretching a lot more as I had ten students to work with and coach.

Late one night with a bout of insomnia I came across the 100 days of contortion challenge by Amanda Nicole Smith. I was so inspired by her progress I decided to begin my journey on the 100 Days of Contortion challenge.

I mean reallllly… excited. So much so I made this in the middle of the night.

I chose several poses to start with, although as time passed my repertoire of moves began to expand as I saw that new things were possible.

The Month Of June Results

The first four weeks I mainly trained legs. As you can probably tell. I trained back 1 – 2 times per week and legs 5 times per week. After the four weeks has passed I decided to put a dedicated calendar together so that I train more evenly for the month of July.

Im looking forward to see what the month of August brings!

The Month Of July’s Results

Month Of August Results

August was a rough month I had a fall and bruised my pelvis and had extensive internal bleeding, that took me out of action for at least a week. I will be adding the extra week to the end of the challenge so that I still finish the 100 days.

I’m still suffering from my hamstring injuries which happened in June. It’s been a long road with my splits but I finally touched down this month and worked hard on my hip flexors. This gave me great returns from 0 to 2 block oversplit.

I decided to start working on a few new poses for the month of September so I will add the starting point of them in the August series. The pose that I am working on for September is a hip tilt. Pictured at bottom right hand corner hands free and hands on.


September was a little rocky for me I was feeling kinda off and was too tired to train most days. Turns out I had a baby on board. I did finish the 100 days although they were spread out over the month.

100 Days Of Contortion Comparison

If you want to train with me check out my class schedule. I’m not the only one getting amazing results!

Let’s start kicking your pose goals with my flexibility classes and online coaching.

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